Monday, 11 December 2017

Matt Zirzow, Zacharia Larson; Marc Randazza Bankruptcy motion seeking to discover "ASSETS and unearthing FRAUDS".

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson of Larson & Zirzow, Las Vegas Bankruptcy attorneys for Debtor Marc J. Randazza have participated in Extreme Discrimination against a Pro Se Litigant, and Extreme Retaliation against a Former Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group client, me, Crystal Cox.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson have NOT sought any sort of Malicious behavior ruling against Liberty Media Holdings or their attorney James D. Greene Greene Infuso, LLP, Nor has Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson sought a ruling of malicious behavior against Wendy Medura Krincek of LITTLER MENDELSON, P.C. for Claiming that FRAUD may exist and hidden assets may exist, yet Zirzow & Larson did so to me, Crystal Cox, completely spiteful, malicious and with deliberate intentional fraud and abuse of the courts. 

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson assisted Marc Randazza to use the bankruptcy courts to dissolve debt in favor of Creditors Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, and F. Chris Austin and Weide & Miller by aggressively placing a judgement against me to pay aprox. $500,000 in legal fees, for the Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza for 5 years of legal service suing me, Crystal Cox.
(See Doc. 44 and 45 Adv.16-01111)

Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza had no actual grounds to sue me, Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein.  (See 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Doc. 200)

Jennifer Brochey Randazza and Marc Randazza was awarded an Unconstitutional TRO to STEAL massive online content, search engine placement, domain names and intellectual property. All because I spoke critical of my former attorney Marc J. Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group, poked fun, made parody and reviewed my personal experience. Full Docket of that case

I WAS DEEMED MALICIOUS AND MARC RANDAZZA GOT PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND 5 YEARS OF LEGAL FEES AWARDED TO HIM AND JENNIFER RANDAZZA FOR SUING ME IN 2012, A CASE OF WHICH IS STILL PENDING. Other Creditors made similar claims and they don't have to pay the Randazza's legal fees nor punitive for hurting Marc's feelings, ONLY ME.
Crystal Cox Objection to Fees.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson are not Ethical, Fair, Upstanding Attorneys, in fact they are helping an attorney who supports pedophiles and revenge porn and is part of the human trafficking community.  Zirzow and Larson have joined the ranks of attorneys who abuse woman who stand up to the Evils of the Porn Industry, who stand up to Porn attorney Marc Randazza.

Wendy Medura Krincek, Esq. of LITTLER MENDELSON, P.C. Attorney for Excelsior Media Corp. AND  James D. Greene Greene Infuso, LLP attorney for Liberty Media Holdings filed the Following Motion, raising questions about Debtor Marc Randazza's ownership interests in certain entities, a marital pre-nuptial agreement with Jennifer Brochey Randazza and certain financial dealings.

The Motion regarding Examination of Marc Randazza also raises questions about certain pre-petition activities of Debtor Marc J. Randazza and assets listed or, perhaps not listed, on his schedules.

A motion filed for the “purpose of discovering assets and unearthing frauds.” AND aimed at “obtaining information that will ... potentially uncover additional claims that may exist for the benefit of the estate”. Yet Zirzow & Larson maliciously got a half a million dollar JUDGMENT against me, Pro Se Litigant Crystal Cox, Creditor 13, for making those same claims. 

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson have enabled Marc Randazza to commit what sure looks to be bankruptcy fraud to me, and certainly is unethical, malicious retaliation, cruel, dishonest and most certainly on the WRONG side of the Moral Compass. Using the power of the bankruptcy courts to punish women who stand up to the Evil Deeds of Porn Attorney and Pedophile Supporter Marc Randazza. 

Click Below to Read the Motion Filed

Crystal Cox, Creditor 13, Motion Objecting to Discharge of Marc Randazza Debt

I have VALID claims against my former attorney Marc Randazza, check out my story

Keep an Eye on Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy

Marc Randazza held himself out as my attorney, he bullied me to STOP me from appealing for his own gain, he ran over my rights and when I FIRED Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, he sued me, threatened me, attacked me, launched a 5 year and counting malicious cyber attack and still seems to by lying about all to Federal Courts. Take a Look

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy, Liberty Media / Excelsior Settlement Offer June 2015

So Florida will most likely disbar? Here we are nearly 2.5 years later. Anyway just saw this online so I am sharing it with my readers researching Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy.